Town Hall Weddings

The complexity of your situation will have an impact on the price, which starts at 470€ per couple.

On top of this there is an administration fee to the Danish authorities at 245€ per couple.

We work with several Town Halls, within the capital of Copenhagen, by the German border and by the North Sea.

We will of course also advise you on what we believe to be the best location for you, in accordance with your dreams and circumstances.

Regardless of your preferred location we will help you get your paperwork sorted and help you book your preferred wedding date.

And we will of course advise you on travelling, weather you wish to arrive by car or plane.

We also have years of experience to share with you, when it comes to accommodation and other wedding arrangements.

Location & Beach Weddings

Most Municipalities offers marriage ceremonies outside the Town Hall at an additional fee starting at 100€.

The beaches in Denmark are stunning and the villages are picturesque. Even a wedding in a middle age setting is possible!

On the island of Fanø, Wedding Island organizes the most beautiful beach weddings in close co-operation with Fascinating Weddings:

Do not hesitate to contact us, telling us about your wedding dreams, and we will help them come true.

Travelling on a budget? Don’t worry, you can still book a photographer just to have your pictures taken by the sea or whatever may be your favourite location.

All our prices are per couple and include VAT (tax).


Express & Rescue Service

We can be VERY fast. So if you are in a hurry, do contact us right away for an Express offer (+250€) and take a look at our Copenhagen Weddings

Perhaps you have already started on the process of getting married in Denmark, and things have gone sour somewhere along the way or you wish to change the venue?

In most cases we will know how to get things sorted, and get your wedding plans back on track, whether it concerns the approval of your documents by the Agency of Family Law or booking an appointment for the ceremony itself.

Don’t feel bad about contacting us, and we will send you a quotation for the Rescue Service.

Legalization: We can almost guarantee to have the cheapest Apostille (Hague Convention) service by the Danish Foreign Ministry in Denmark at only 35€.