Legal Issues

Necessary Documents for getting married in Denmark

Before …

After more than a thousand weddings, Wedding Island knows exactly what it takes for a smooth and fast approval.

We know how to avoid all the pitfalls which can delay a case – AND we have a direct line to the authorities.

The true nature of a relationship is more important to the Danish authorities than any “forgotten” document from the other side of the world,  So as every couple has its own extraordinary story, also the requirements will differ from couple to couple.

Let us know your circumstances and we will review your case and advise you in the best possible manner.

Before submitting your application to the authorities, we will ask you to sign a Power of Attorney and a Declaration of Truth. This is requieren by the Agency of Family Law, and is to ensure that we can help you all the way through the process, so nothing goes wrong

Getting married as a tourist in the EU is no problem at all, no-one who is illegally staying in the European Union or has over-stayed i can get married in Denmark. Also no marriage is possible for a foreigner who is seeking asylum or who is staying in the EU Schengen on the basis of toleration.

During …

The approval normally takes 5 working days and we will thereafter help finalize the planning of the ceremony.

The Danish Town Halls also offer to conduct the ceremony in either German or English. If either of you, or just one of you, do not speak one of these languages, please let us know, as an interpreting service will them be required.

Also, do be aware, that you must present your original travel documents the day prior to your wedding for a legal check at the Town Hall, where you will marry. This normally must be done before noon.

You will receive two international wedding certificates (multilingual version) right after the ceremony. The wedding certificate is normally as it is in many European countries.

However, for outside the EU and also in some European countries, an extra apostille legalization may be requiered. We can help you submit one of the certificates to the Danish Foreign Ministry by mail, or arrange for you to pass by the same day of the wedding, if in a hurry.

If full legalization is needed, we will of course advise you accordingly to the requirements of your country of concern.

… and after the wedding

Once back in your country of residence, you should make sure to have your International Danish Wedding Certificate registered by your local authorities. Not until you have had the certificate registered, will you be considered legally married, in your country of residence.

In some countries, like Spain, a wedding certificate needs to be registered within 5 months after being issued, so do not wait too long.

Do be aware, that you cannot change your surnames in Denmark. If you wish to change your name, it must happen after the wedding in the country where you wish to register the wedding.

For those couples who wish to sign a Prenuptial Agreement, we advise you to consult a family lawyer in the country, where you are residing, and have it drawn up before the wedding.

We always advise our couples to consult with their local authorities beforehand, in case any extra legalization is needed. But if you have missed something along the way – don’t worry – we can always have an extra wedding certificate issued and legalized and then have it sent to you.