Legal issues

Necessary Documents for getting married in Denmark


The beaches here are stunning, the villages are picturesque, and what is more romantic than strolling through Tivoli, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale garden, in Copenhagen?

But Denmark also has a more no-nonsense attitude towards paperwork, making it the number one country for binational and LGTB couples

No-one who is illegally staying in the European Union can get married, since the Danish authorities will ask to see a residence permit or VISA.

Also, no marriage is possible for a foreigner who is seeking asylum or who is staying in the EU Schengen on the basis of toleration.

Apart from these inevitable rules, the true nature of the relationship is more important to the authorities than any bureaucratic document from the other side of the world. A Civil status Certificate or a Birth Certificate is not necessary needed – and you can even get married on a tourist visa.  Just as every couple has its own extraordinary story, also the requirements differ from couple to couple.

The Process

All couples must have their documents approved by a unit under the Ministry of Family affairs. We are  we help you to ensure, nothing goes wrong.  After more than a thousand weddings, Wedding Island knows exactly what it takes for a smooth and fast approval. We know how to avoid all the pitfalls, which can delay a case – AND we have a direct line to the authorities.

Let us know your circumstances and we will advise you in the best possible manner and will be right by your side through the whole process.

Once we have reviewed you case and received your documents, we will check them thoroughly and then have them approved by the authorities.

When the authorities have approved your papers, we will help you finalize your accommodation and travel plans.

Remember: you must present you original travel documents the day prior to your wedding for a legal check at the Town Hall, where you will marry.


How long does the process take? After having handed over the required documents to Wedding Island, we can have them approved in 5 working days.

Where can we get married? Wedding Island works closely with two Town Halls; Copenhagen, the capital, and Fanø, which is close to the Danish/German border. We will book the appointments for you.

What about the wedding certificate? You will be handed over two wedding certificates right after the ceremony. The certificate is 100% internationally recognized and comes in a multilingual version. Once back in your country of residence, you should make sure to have it registered right away by the adequate authorities.

Do we need an apostille stamp? An extra apostille stamp is always required for registering the wedding certificate outside the EU, and sometimes also within the EU. We always advise to consult it with your local authorities beforehand, but we will of course also do our best to advise you and take care of the extra legalization if needed.