Transportation to Fanø – the Wedding Island

Wedding Island is situated on the island of Fanø, only 100 km north of the Danish/German border.

old town on fanoe to have your wedding

By car

There is a direct connection to the harbour in Esbjerg with motorway E20 or main road 11/24 – GPS: Dokvej 5, DK: 6700 Esbjerg

You can bring your car to Fanø, or park it at the ferry terminal in Esbjerg, which is for free and safe.

You do not need a car on Fanø, if you choose to stay in Nordby. Everything is within walking distance.

By train or bus

Also public transportation to Esbjerg works very well. If you wish to come by train, you just plot Esbjerg as your destination.  If you come by (Flix-) bus, you will need to change from bus to train at Kolding.

Beutiful place to get married in denmark

By plane

If you wish to come by plane the nearest airport is Billund Airport, which is 45 km from Fanø. An airport shuttle (Bus 944x) leaves every hour from Billund to Esbjerg.

In order to catch the last ferry for Fanø, you should not arrive at Billund later than 8pm. Both Copenhagen and Hamburg Airports are 3 hours away from Fanø. If you wish to continue from the airport by train I recommend Copenhagen Airport, but if you wish to continue by renting a car, I recommend Hamburg airport. From Copenhagen please consider the bridge toll, by car.

You can learn a lot more about Fanø from our local tourist office:

Wedding Island on Fanoe

The ferry

From the bus/train station in Esbjerg to the Fanø Ferry: From the train/bus station in Esbjerg, you can continue to the Fanø Ferry by taking city bus nr. 11, 12, 13 or take a taxi. It takes 5-10 minutes.

The fare for coming by car is aprox. 30€ for a return ticket including all the passengers in the car. Without a car the passenger fee is aprox. 6€ for a return ticket.

The trip takes 12 minutes, and the ferry leaves more or less every 20 minutes.

Fanø is part of the Wadden Sea National Park and was appointed World Heritage by UNESCO in 2014. With the best of two worlds Fanø has 15 km of one long sandy beach facing the North Sea to the West, and to the East, the Wadden Sea with its tidal flats.